Great looking, quality outdoor table sets for patio, porch and lawn.

Outdoor Table Sets

Contoured Comfort outdoor log dining set, our 47

Warm rustic contemporary.

This 5 piece Dining Set includes our handsome Roundabout Table and 4 Cedar Log Dining Chairs. The chairs have our signature custom contoured seat slats that offer both comfort and support, making it a pleasure to relax for hours with family, neighbors and friends.. The roomy 47" table's top is of thick pine top supported by rustic cedar logs, making this grouping an attractive choice for any outdoor setting.

Finally! A picnic table the wind won't blow away. Solid Northern White Cedar, 6' Picnic Table with Attached Benches.

The 'real deal' picnic table.

Now this is what you call a picnic table. Sturdy and stable in all kinds of weather - let the wind blow! This outdoor furniture stays put.

Whatever the event, spend quality time with the family, gathering them around our Picnic Table with attached benches. The legs are made of 100% Northern White Cedar, with pine bench and table top. The wood is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. The table can be finished with a quality penetrating oil, or left to weather to a silvery grey color.