Cedar log furniture is perfect for outdoor living spaces, porch and yard enjoyment.

Outdoor Living Log Furniture

Swings are excellent on the porch or in the yard and Lakeland Mills designs are of solid cedar for many years beauty and enjoyment.

There's nothing quite like a swing in the lawn under a shady tree in a prime viewing spot, or that traditional visiting spot of an evening - the porch swing.

We have a great selection of both styles, in a variety of sizes and designs. All of them feature our Contoured Comfort seat slats, making them pure pleasure every moment you can escape to the swing and enjoy the breeze.

Cedar log rocking chairs are excellent outdoor furniture for patio, porch, deck or balcony.

Outdoor living spaces find us needing a variety of chair styles and other types of seating and we have a lovely selection in our product line. You'll find just the right outdoor furniture for relaxing on the deck, in the shade of your porch roof, on the patio and even apartment balconies.

Unlike many types of outdoor furniture, our products are solid, sturdy and won't blow away in a stiff wind. Each piece is crafted from solid cedar for long lasting enjoyment and beauty. 

Outdoor table sets from our all wood furniture lines offer any space just the right size for dining or an intimate visit.

Patio tables, picnic tables and outdoor table sets compact enough for that deep porch or apartment balcony are a must have item for every home. Some folks prefer to situate tables out in the lawn as well.

We have a table just the right size and style to suit anyone's need and just about every preferred look in decor. Sure, you're using these as outdoor furniture, but design taste always spills outside.

Solid wood tables for next to a lawn chair or pulling up chairs and enjoying some barbecued meals.

Tables of many shapes and sizes are a must have item for outdoor living spaces. Whether its a spot to rest your cold drink, a cup of coffee or the newspaper, end tables and coffee tables that work with the furniture design are a hot item. Then there are tables to dine on and play a rousing game of checkers in the available space at home.

We have exactly what you need in the form of solid wood outdoor furniture tables.